Royal KIS SoftShades


Royal KIS SoftShades are Demi Conditioning Colours. Royal KIS SoftShades draws its power from two special ingredients. The Innovative Colour Deposit Agent, similar to natural phospholipids, intensifies color absorption, improves wash fastness for longer color life and ensures vibrant, even results from root to tip.

Additionally, Amaranth seed extract, rich in peptides and polysaccharides, strengthens the hair, repairs damage, detangles it immediately and improves the manageability and combability of damp and dry hair.

First Colouring: give the hair an expressive or subtle colour without the disadvantages of a permanent hair dye: no outgrowth, no damage, no unwanted lightening of natural hair, but mild, vibrant shades that gradually fade.

Colour Refreshing: refresh the colour and ensure an even result: treat the outgrowth with Royal KIS SafeShades and the lengths and ends with SoftShades.

Colour Correction: enhance color or correct unwanted nuances.

Low Lighting: give excessively highlighted or lightly dyed hair more depth and contrast with darker highlights.

Gray Blending : apply to grey hair to achieve a camouflage effect for clients who do not want to commit to a permanent colour (no regrowth!)


Delivery time: 3-4 Werktage

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