SnowWhite Bleach


KIS SnowWhite Bleach is a dust free bleaching powder and paste used to make the hair up to 7 shades lighter without using heat. The Keratin Infusion System protects the hair during the bleaching process.

How to use?

Put 40 grams SnowWhite in a non-metal tray. Add 80 ml DMI Lotion, 3%, 6% or 9%. Apply this to dry, unwashed hair. If applied down to the skin, you should first treat the lengths and ends and then the roots. Maximum time to set: 50 minutes. As soon as the desired decolouring has been achieved, you should wash the hair using KeraMaxShampoo and subsequently treat it using KeraLock Acidifier and KeraShield Leave-In.


Delivery time: 3-4 Werktage

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