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Our Hair and its Origin​

Our Hair is completely made of real, Indian hair, which is sorted, combed and bonded(REMIS-Hair) to achieve the best result possible.

SHE imports Indian Temple Hair. Indian Hair is most suitable for Extensions, because it resembles the european hair in structure and composition a lot. Furthermore, they are mostly virgin. With intact cuticle layers, they are one of the most high-quality hairs on the market.

Thousands of women and girls voluntarily sacrifice their hair in temples daily. They do it out of gratitude after a wish has fulfilled itself or because a new chapter of life has begun e.g. after their wedding. In doing so, the hindus follow an old tradition.

Following, the hair is gently brightened up and dyed different colors.

Represented worldwide, SHE offers a wide range of colors, different textures and different lengths that meet stylists’ need for creativity.

By relentlessly looking for only the very best products and with over 20 years of experience, SHE is able to ensure quality, innovation and competitive prices and offer a full line of professional items.

SHE has gained fame by offering top quality hair, at affordable prices with excellent customer service.


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